The Jones & Juliet Casting team can handle castings across the US and in Los Angeles. With the majority of real people casting being handled remotely, there is no limit to where our team can cast.  If you’re looking to film in another production hub like New Orleans, Atlanta, or a regional area that is specific to your area – we’ve got you covered.

Our casting process for regional jobs matches our casting process in New York.  Whether you’re looking for business owners in a specific location, athletes, teachers, artists, blue collar workers, non-profits, community leaders, people with regional accents – we’ve likely already got them in our extensive database of real people nationwide or our research team can find them by reaching out to local organizations, businesses, or social groups.

If you are looking to cast local actors, models, or voiceover talent for your project, our team has relationships with agents and managers across the US. If you are looking to license user generated content via a casting or direct user generated content from people across the US, we are also happy to help cast and facilitate that process.

The Jones & Juliet Casting team has cast many projects that use virtual interviews for the first round to get the direction just right, or self-tape requests for projects that are a bit more straightforward.  Our team also has the capacity to travel when needed for the project, should your team want an in-person session for any part of the process.

Check out some of our work below!

Casting in Atlanta

Truist – Austin

Casting in New Orleans

Iberia Bank

Casting in Texas


Casting in Los Angeles


Casting in Colorado


Casting Nationwide

Home Depot

UGC Casting Nationwide


Casting in Philadelphia

Major League Baseball