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Real People, Actors, Commercials, Music Videos, Voice Over, Documentary, Print, Film.

Jones & Juliet Casting works with companies and clients of all sizes – Fortune 500 companies, indie films, non-profits, and everything in-between.  We have been fortunate to cast projects – both documentary style with real people and actor centered – for a number of companies and clients including Oculus, the Four Seasons, ROC, White Claw, GoToll, Heineken, Vera Bradley, Shipt, Airbnb, Truvada, Trip Advisor, The Black Keys, Bridgestone Tires, Teuist, J Balvin, Dave and Busters, Nike, Bose, Evian, Oatly, Fisher Nuts, the New York Rangers, Chili’s, Square, Salesforce, Segura Vidas, among many others.  Our Casting Company uses a combination of street scouting and street casting, research based casting, and actor casting to search  for a wide variety of specs.  Types of casting includes castings for music videos, castings for documentaries, castings for commercials, castings for voiceovers, etc.  Our research team can handle nationwide casting searches and outreach. We have relationships with acting and modeling agents for New York and Los Angeles actor castings.

Jones & Juliet Casting can handle live in-person casting sessions, virtual casting sessions, self-tape casting sessions, or open calls when needed.  With a combined 20+ years of experience in casting, the Jones & Juliet Casting team has a keen understanding of which unique resources to strategically lean into to bring human stories and authentic faces into each and every casting. 

Clients & Brands

Jones & Juliet Casting Clients